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Tuesday, 02 March 2010 15:18

Dom_Arquitectura_Menorca_03The project consists of a summerhouse located in the beautiful Spanish Island of Menorca. For Dom Arquitectura, whose versatile aproach expands beyond architecture into interior design and landscape, the main idea was to strike the right balance between the interior and exterior spaces, studying the relationship between the two entities, they expanded the interior spaces  into the outside world, permeating into their physical and visual surroundings.

Dom_Arquitectura_Menorca_05Dom_Arquitectura_Menorca_07The architects subdivide their plot with a virtual orthogonal space frame, on which they laid out different architectural elements such as floors, platforms, water, trees, plants, tanca, pergolas, walls and the building mass of the house itself. Each piece within this combination is delimited and acquires its own identity and use within a harmonious whole. The diversity of outdoor elements provides the site a space balanced richness.
Dom_Arquitectura_Menorca_04Dom_Arquitectura_Menorca_09Situated in the center of the lot, the house is divided in two parts, front and rear. The hall of the house with two large openings on each side acts as a transitional space between outside and inside. It is extended to the outside by a passageway that connects the backyard with the front porch.
Dom_Arquitectura_Menorca_11Dom_Arquitectura_Menorca_02Throughout the house, we notice the sliding wooden slats, whose design is based on the island’s typical lattices ‘menorquinas’. They play a double duty, both sunscreens and visual barriers for the private areas of the house. Most of the glazed openings are floor to ceiling, helping to emphasize the visual continuity to the outside and making the most of the magnificent scenery.

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