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Wednesday, 13 August 2008 10:20


The project is located in Guatapé- Antioquia, Colombia,  just two hours away from
Medellín, a place with natural potential for ecological tourism development.

It consists of a series of refuges immerged within a natural landscape which offers visitors an escape from the daily monotony of the agitated city life.


Refuge1_09.jpgThe challenge of this project was to have an architecture where the priority was to cherish the concept and idea of preserving nature; the outward appearance becomes secondary issue.


Rather than domesticating the slopes of the terrain, these refuges perfectly adapt to the topography, seeming as if the structure emerged from it. 

In order to minimize the impact on the site, the roof was conceived as an extension of the natural mountain, with gardens in its perimeter providing a flat surface for outdoor activities and landscape contemplation.

The use of elements from traditional Colombian dwelling architecture like perimeter corridors, enhance the relationship between interior and exterior and generate a human dialog with nature.
This reconciliation between Architecture and its surroundings conveys the idea that an architectonic development can be achieved on favor of preserving nature.

Refuge2_05.jpg Credits:

G Ateliers Architecture
Orlando Garcia (Design Architect)
Hernan Galvis (Design Architect)
Juan David Botero (Project Architect) Luis Echeverri (Project Architect)
Colllaborator: Arq. Maria Vasco O.

Structural Engineer: Jorge Aristizabal
Mechanical Engineer: Casa Sana

Contractors: Ing. Natalia Garcia M., Ing. Orlando Garcia R.


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