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House Capece_Venanzi is a suburban house designed for a young couple. It’s situated in the diffuse sprawl of the Italian Adriatic coast, in one of the possible areas of this diffuse city in the segment between Ascoli Piceno and Pescara. An “intermediate" area, apparently "without quality", a piece of earth left without constructions, highlighting where the plain and the hill meet.
The site is tightened between the urban texture of two levels houses for single families and the hill, completely covered with "spontaneous" vegetation.

The idea is to construct a building with an “inverse” guideline: not oriented towards the city, but towards the hill. The hill becomes a sort of “green sea” on which people can overlook.
Vaccarini_CasaCapece_03Vaccarini_CasaCapece_05The system is defined by a three levels development:
_ the underground level is completely dug in the land; the spaces are organized around the inside patio creating a game of connections between the “underground” spaces, the green roof, the living spaces and the suspended volume of the second plan.
_ the ground floor is the collective part of the building: a great sliding glass wall marks the border between the roof garden and the covered living area. The space rotates around a metallic stair that connects the ground floor with the first floor.
_ the first level designs the private spaces of the building, (bedrooms, sauna, office, toilets).
Vaccarini_CasaCapece_07Vaccarini_CasaCapece_08The main compositional topic of the house is the transposition to macro-scale of the pieces of the Tetris game. The two opposite volumes put in scene two different parts of the building. Their diversity is emphasized using different material treatment: a base covered with stone and a volume of white plaster.
Vaccarini_CasaCapece_10Vaccarini_CasaCapece_12The base in stone "is cut" on the west side with a “top to bottom” glass wall. The first floor volume is defined by different holes, with circular and free forms.

In the game of the contraries, the first plan volume is leaned on the great glass wall of the ground level.
Vaccarini_CasaCapece_15Project facts:
Architecture: Arch. Giovanni Vaccarini
Cost: 280.000,00 euro

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