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Located in the costal little town of Nesodden on the eastern side of Norway, the house is built on a site with views towards the sea between the branches of the surrounding pine-forest. The permitted aerial building lines define the plan and even the heights of the roofline.

While the exterior views are singularly framed by the window openings, closely related to individual spaces, the interior is treated in a more fluent way with overlapping sequences of space and light in section and plan. This duality of focal and flow is the theme of the building.

Photography: Ivan Brodey

The exterior cladding of wooden panels is related to guideline of the window openings.

The interior is clad with OSB-boards, the floors are cast in concrete and partly covered with sisal mats.

The bathrooms are paneled with brushed aluminum panes and mirrors.

A vast collection of books will cover the walls and soften the acoustics. The owners claim that they sleep very well in this house.
Project Details and Credits:

Client: Heidi Gaupseth og Geir Kløver
Architect: Jarmund / Vigsnæs AS Architects MNAL, Einar Jarmund , Håkon Vigsnæs, assisted by Alessandra Kosberg, Stian Schjelderup,   Roar Lund-Johnsen
Consultant - structural: Siv.Ing. Otto Bjørgum MRIF
Contractor: Torgeir Brune Bygg og tømrermester
Gross area: 360 m² (gross) / 275 m² (net) 
Completed in 2006
Photography: Ivan Brodey

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