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Thursday, 16 October 2008 08:17

Kanner_Oakland_01.jpg Overlooking the San Francisco Bay with a view that spans from the Golden Gate to the Bay Bridge, this attractive Oakland house by Kanner Architects uses its minimalist composition to bring in both the surrounding view as well as natural light that manipulates natural light to articulate the space.

Large floor to ceiling fenestration opens up the house towards the view while deep overhangs protects it from excessive exposure to the sun.
Kanner_Oakland_13.jpgKanner_Oakland_14.jpgKanner_Oakland_18.jpgKanner Architects used a limited palette of colors and material. The design composition inside is neutral, mostly white on white. This helps the architecture to put the emphasis on the volumetric quality of the house, allowing with the help of the generous fenestration to integrate the exterior with the internal spaces.

As the user walks in and around the project, he discovers the architectural relationships that are built between volumes, curved and straight walls, verticals and horizontals, all brought together by the functional requirements of the house and greatly enhanced by the outside palette of the surrounding landscape and the outstanding view.
As explained by Kanner Architects: "Most of our architecture tends toward the rectilinear design, but the clients told us from the beginning that they wanted curves. Our architecture work is light and warm, though typically less whimsical than what the clients had in mind. But it turned into an interesting collaboration and a bold personal statement--a true expression of the owners and the site"

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