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« Form follows function ». This statement has been at the core of Modern Architecture since Louis Sullivan. But how true are architects and designers to the principle when it comes to designing houses. Function has taken a secondary role, replaced in the majority of cases by the formal, spatial, and ideosyncratic requirements.


All pictures are courtesy of Michael Jantzen 


mh2.jpgIn sharp contrast with the above statement,  internationally reknowned designer and artist, Michael Jantzen, went back to the root of the question and produced stunning house designs that take contemporary functional requirements as his primary form givers.

He designed an innovative modular system called M-vironements®, consisting of a variety of components that can be connected together in many different ways. It can be remodeled to the specific needs of the dwellers. The structures that are produced with these systems can be remodeled to the changing needs of its owners and the house can be disassembled and relocated if needed.

The M-house is a sample of this modular system. It consists rectangular panels that are attached with hinges to an open space frame grid composed of seven interlocking cubes. The panels can either be hinged horizontally or vertically to the cubes. The hinges will allow the panels to fold into or protrude from the cube, and performing therefore various functions that add to the flexibility of the house. The panels can constitute enclosures, contain doors and windows, or protrude out to deflect wind or rain. Some panels can even unfold from the face of the cube to produce places to work, eat or sleep.


The support of the house comes from adjustable legs that are attached to load bearing foot pads, adjusting themselves to land variations.

The designer produced from the same components as the M-house a small pod that can be added to the M-house and would have photovoltaic cells, batteries, water storage, and propane gas built into it and would enable the house to function off of the grid.

The M-House and its small pod are for sale. You can visit the designer’s web site: human shelter for more details. mh_10.jpg


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