Mount Fuji - Private Residence in Meguro, Tokyo, Japan Print
Tuesday, 04 January 2011 09:45

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The house by the young Japanese firm was built in Tokyo for a couple involved in movie production.

Mount-Fuji-Meguro-03Mount-Fuji-Meguro-04This architecture uses L-shaped blocks of reinforced concrete combined with sequential frames of box-shaped engineer-wood. The bedrooms, film archive and gallery were integrated in the solid concrete potion of the house that provides more security. The living room is included in the engineer-wood portion that, according to the architects, provides openness and flexibility, producing open space that is 6m in height, 5.5m in width, 14m in depth.
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The architects wanted to give a “sense of mass” the material being utilized. A departure from the modern minimalist style of "white, flat wall". “We intentionally left the wood grain of mold on the surface of concrete, and choose textured stones and irons.”
Mount-Fuji-Meguro-10Mount-Fuji-Meguro-12The house is intended as a place of relaxation. “For the people like this client, who do enough intellectual labor on a daily basis, white-cube would only bring sense of fatigue. The role of architecture, especially the ones for living, is to soothe the sensory side of people, not to stimulate the intellectual side.”Mount-Fuji-Meguro-02

Project details:
Architects: Mount Fuji
Location: Meguro,Tokyo,Japan
Site area:177.27m2
Building area:106.33m2
Total floor area:259.72m2
Number of stories:3

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