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Saturday, 22 December 2007 19:00

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The project by Neil M. Denari Architects, is a creative extension for an existing house in Los Angeles, California.

The client is a couple and their three daughters. The father directs film trailers, the mother is a graphic designer and illustrator, while the high school / middle school / elementary school aged daughters are all immersed in their own versions of their parents visual cultures. The family has asked that 1,000 sf to be added to the site in addition to the existing 1,000 sf house.



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Neil M. Denari's scheme gives half of the house for the daughter’s private bedrooms while the other half along with the new extension formed by the public areas and the parent’s bedroom.

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The new 16 ft wide linear house gets inserted into the existing house. The multi-toned, bright colors accentuate the new pieces giving them a special character that reflects the family’s interests and professional involvement in creative fields.

Alan-Voo Main Space.jpgAlan-Voo Kitchen2.jpg



Project Details:

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Program: 2,000 sf conversion of residence
Client: Eric Alan and Rhonda Voo
Budget: $700,000
Status:  Completed July 2007
Architecture Project Team: Neil M. Denari and Duks Koschitz with Joe Willendra.


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