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This relatively small residence of 85 sq, meters (900 sq ft) is situated within a much larger 1,800 sq. meters (19,300 sq ft) site, with two existing elements serving as guidelines. The first being is a n existing line of eucalyptus aligned around the perimeter; and the second being the access street.
Casa_rouge_05The client requested to leave the greater portion of the garden on one side of the house and to stay near the access street. In that way, the home and access elevation extend parallel to the street as a “great wall”, with a few open spaces, which separates from it, closing the house to the West and opening it to the garden through a veranda overlooking the Eucalyptus. The living-dining room area and bedroom open through a big window to the garden. It closes for security reasons with a sliding iron gate and a wooden one in the bedroom.

The request suggested two clearly noticeable areas: the private area for the bedroom, on one hand, and the public areas that receive the young couple’s social life on the other. The kitchen is communicated to the living and dining room and to the veranda through a window creating one space altogether. To solve this with only one bathroom, it was divided in a way that the bath tub and shower were fitted in the private area and the lavatory and WC work as public toilette as well.
Casa_rouge_02In the interior, a neutral space was created letting the natural and individual characteristics of the materials at eye sight like the oxidized iron on the main entrance door, the pre-molded concrete of the roof and the concrete detail of the fireplace and access wall.
Casa_rouge_03Casa_rouge_04An extension of the house was designed following the direction of the line for future bedrooms.

Project Details:
Architecture: ndc arquitectura, Nicolás del Campo Architect
Project name: Casa Rouge
Project year: 2007
Land area: 1800 sq. meters
Built area: 85 sq. meters

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