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Wednesday, 12 March 2008 03:06


Located in Kent New York, this gorgeous house by Resolution: 4 Architecture displays an intricate interplay of volumes that is well enhanced by a judicious selection of materials that helps it to delicately blend in its natural surrounding.

The house reserves its visitors a delightful surprise at every corner and the richness of the external enclosure is nicely complemented with the richness of the internal spaces.

All photographs by ® Floto+Warner





Situated on a dramatically sloped wooded lot overlooking Sagamore Lake in New York State, this home will provide the clients an opportunity to enjoy the natural setting and leave behind their Manhattan lifestyles. 

Visitors will approach the structure and enter aligned with a massive field stonewall. 

All circulation paths intertwine with this wall, which on the first floor acts as a spatial foil to the grand views afforded across the living space and towards the lake. 






On the building’s east side, a Kal-wall system encloses both the first floor bathroom and the second floor hallway, which is experientially connected via the stairwell. 

The stairwell landing juts away from the rest of the structure, momentarily placing the occupant within the landscape. This gesture emphasizes the relationship between the building, the site and the lake before visitors enter the private bedrooms upstairs.

Materials used in the project:
Field stone, Cedar siding, lead-coated copper, Kal-wall, aluminum windows, and hardwood floors.




Project Credits

Architects: Joseph Tanney, Robert Luntz

Project Architect: Catarina Ferriera

Project Team: Tetsuya Yamaguchi, Daniel Piselli, Roy Leone, Andrew Deibel

Contractor: Lowell LaFountain







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