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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 08:48

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This 10,500 sq. ft. residence, located in Rancho Santa Fe, wraps around the top of a hill and opens to reveal the stunning views beyond. The designer’s attention to details becomes obvious, as one goes through the house, re-discovering new architectural attributes from each angle.

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Safdie-Rabine-Gremore-13Safdie-Rabine-Gremore-15Due to the home’s hilltop placement, the building steps gently down the hillside, following the contours of the land. Angled roofs emphasize the stepping quality of the house and provide for sky views, while washing the interior in sunlight and further allowing for a connection with the outdoors.
Safdie-Rabine-Gremore-02In order to accentuate these multi-directional views, the home features many wall-sized sliding pocket doors throughout. These massive glass doors stow away to allow every room to spill out onto an exterior patio, creating a seamless relationship between interior and exterior spaces.
Safdie-Rabine-Gremore-11A distinction between public and private space is created within the house. The more public areas, consisting of several living rooms, sitting areas, kitchen, and dining room, make up the main body of the house, defined by one large space containing smaller ‘nook’ spaces which create a dynamic opportunity for interaction. The portion of the house containing the bedrooms and study are situated around an intimate courtyard area, allowing for additional privacy and solitude. Safdie-Rabine-Gremore-14

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