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This project is a studio for two artists wishing to create a new work space while minimizing the impact of any new construction on the natural landscape of their property. The studio is located to the rear of an existing house, connecting it to a beautiful portion of the site which prior to the addition had not been accessible.

Safdie_Rabines_2artists_03Safdie_Rabines_2artists_04To create the studio and library without disturbing the surrounding area, the studio was conceived of as a “bridge” spanning a small arroyo adjacent to the house, providing the opportunity to experience the canyon from the best of all possible locations--in and above it.
Safdie_Rabines_2artists_05Safdie_Rabines_2artists_10The bridge is supported on two concrete piers on either side of the canyon and is spanned with two trusses made of top and bottom glulam chords with steel cross members.
Safdie_Rabines_2artists_07Safdie_Rabines_2artists_11Safdie_Rabines_2artists_12Spanning across the arroyo, the light floating appearance of the building is felt inside and out. Not only does it appear to levitate above the land, on the interior, it also interacts with the elements by opening itself to the elements via oversized sliding doors, which add to the feeling of suspension while opening to capture ocean breezes.


Project details:

Project name: Artist Studio Bridge
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Completion: June 2006
Built area: 1,200 SF = 111.48 sq meters
Architecture: Safdie Rabines Architects
Project Team: Taal Safdie –Principal Architect, Ricardo Rabines – Principal Architect, Charles Crawford – Project Architect,
Structural Engineer: Burkett and Wong Engineers
Landscape: Leslie Ryan
Lighting: Safdie Rabines Architects

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