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Boosting a green lifestyle of art & culture, Aedas’ project the Raisina Residency is intended as an oasis of self-sustained living in Gurgaon of India. The project also focuses on the incorporation of art into the landscape and architecture. Apart from major sculptures and murals acting as focal points in the landscape, an art gallery is incorporated into the clubhouse.

Responding to the necessity of providing sustainable utility services and an increasing interest among buyers for a greener lifestyle in India, the Raisina Residency has an emphasis on green solutions. The designers integrated features such as extensive green roofs, dynamic overhanging shade structure and unique articulated façade screens.

‘Sustainability is always at the forefront of a development of this caliber because the existing municipal infrastructure is not yet robust enough to sustain this scale of development in the region,’ explained Mr Blazek and Mr Connop. “In order to compensate for the frequent power and water stoppages it is necessary for designers to incorporate sustainable energy, water supply and sewage treatment.”

Raisina_3This high-rise residential project is located on an 110,000 sq.m. site near New Delhi. The development features 18 storey luxury apartment towers, premium villas, and a feature clubhouse in the form of a podium structure.

With its basis in the theme of ‘A Life of Art and Culture’, the project was conceived as an art park and accordingly featuring gently undulating land forms and iconic public sculpture. The concept carries through to the gardens, entrance lobbies and apartment balconies with the incorporation of murals, fountains and smaller sculptures. The towers are arranged around a major landscaped central open space that acts as an event lawn for the neighboring clubhouse as well as a display space for major public artwork. A 10m tall water wall adorns the facade of the clubhouse and enhances the prestigious character of the property. The buildings are designed with a modernist approach with an emphasis on dynamic elements such as intricate abstract screens and flying roof canopies.
Raisina_2The design has also adopted Vastu Shastra, the Hindu tradition of building and architecture. It refers to the strategic physical and metaphysical placement of rooms, wall, objects and furniture to promote a harmonious environment.

The project has won the “Best Residential Architecture (Multiple Units) Award” of Asia Pacific Property Awards 2009. The Award program is held in association with CNBC Arabia and is part of the International Property Awards.

More about Aedas on their web site.

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