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Monday, 16 June 2008 05:32

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De Rokade is a residential building created by Arons en Gelauff. It’s adjacent to the nursing and care home, Maartenshof, which has been extensively renovated. The apartments for purchase are intended for the “younger seniors”. In this way, Maartenshof can supply care to the buyers, without this care being visible to the outside world.

Towers in the Netherlands often have a minimum of four dwellings per layer for budgetary reasons. This is also true of De Rokade. The building is 21 floors high and seems very slim due to the cross-shaped ground plan. The four apartments are situated in L-form around the inside angles of the tower. In this way, the dwellings combine the beautiful view with an introverted quality.▪

The apartments’ facades, load bearing construction and installations have been made ready for three different layout possibilities. The present and future inhabitants will be able to determine their own ground plan in this way. The building is extra sustainable according to Groninger Residential Quality directives. Instead of an expensive and dark underground parking garage, we have elevated parking to the two floors above the physiotherapists’ practice accommodation. The inhabitants reach their parking place on the first or second floor with a car lift. The garage is naturally ventilated, has daylight and a view and, with construction costs of EUR 15.000 per parking place, is cheaper than the traditional underground box.

Here are some more project details, given by Arons en Gelauff:

Project details: de rokade, groningen
Residential space: 72 apartments + 2 penthouses
Commercial space: 1000 sq m commercial space
Parking: 74 parking places, parking on floors 1 and 2
Access type: central lobby with lifts (elevators) + stairwells
Building method poured in place concrete construction:
Height of building: 63 m
Internal room height: 2.60 m
Building volume: 47,000 sq m
Building area: 15,400 sq m
Residential area: 8,580 sq m
Built site area: 1,482 sq m
Building costs: EUR 9.600.000


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