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Thursday, 23 April 2009 02:57

Last week we published the list of the 17 projects that have been selected by the AIA as recipients of the 2009 Housing Awards. Some of these projects are remarkable, and in the next weeks, we will try to feature some of them, courtesy of the AIA.
Fort Point Loft

Fort_Point_Loft_Condominiums.jpgFort Point Loft_03.jpgStarting with a recipient of the Multifamily Award, the Fort Point Loft Condominiums built in Boston. Located on Congress Street in the Fort Point Historic District of Boston’s emerging waterfront, this 140,000 square foot project encompasses the adaptive reuse of two historic structures, the construction of a new building on an adjacent lot, and a three-story rooftop addition above all three structures. The program includes 99 condominium units [with 8 affordable units, including 3 artist live/work studios], two levels of restaurant/retail and a lobby/art gallery.
Fort Point Loft_Site.jpg

Site / Ground Floor Plan Fort Point Loft_Sec.jpg


fort_point_loft_10.jpgThe new façade at 346 Congress takes cues from the restored façades at 348 and 354. Together, the three buildings relate to one another with a progressive series of window groupings, architectural details, colors, materials and proportional rhythms
Fort Point Loft_06.jpg
Jury that discerned the prize to the project, describes well the achievements of the project: "They are jumping the structural hurdles by putting the new structure within and on top of the existing…and it is pretty remarkable.  The way that the newer part of the building steps back from the façade is respectful of the street, while the reinterpretation of the masonry façade on the infill section is also very effective. The interior public areas are beautifully articulated."Fort Point Loft_04.jpg
Fort Point Loft_05.jpg
Project Credits:

Architect:   Hacin + Associates, Inc.
Owner:   Berkeley Investments, Inc.
Structural Engineer:    Souza, True &  Partners
Geotechnical Engineer:    Haley & Aldrich
MEP Engineer:     RW Sullivan Engineering
Waterproofing  Engineer:    The Thompson & Lichtner Company

General Contractor:    Linbeck Group, L.P.     

Material for this article provided by the AIA.

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