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Tuesday, 19 April 2011 05:09

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Hancock2_StaudenmaierPhotograph: © Eric Staudenmaier

This project began with the city’s desire to remedy a parking shortage in this specific part of town. The city selected the developer/architect team to address this parking problem and introduce a mixed-use program. The process focused on achieving a balance between public parking, scale, active street presence, and the transition to the hillside neighborhood.

The result is a four story project that provides thirty-one condominiums/town houses, seven affordable studios, 11,600 square feet of retail space, 156 public parking spaces, and sixty-one residential parking spaces.

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This was a project about making connections. Bike lanes and bus routes supported pedestrian activity, and the provision of public parking alleviated any conflicts between residents and local businesses on the boulevard.

An innovative, non-conventional approach to parking structured the design effort. Its configuration made sense of the irregular, sloping lot and car-heavy program to both reinforce street life and create a contributive rooftop open space. Public parking is provided below grade while residential parking loops up and over street level rental housing to the roof. The arrangement puts housing and people—rather than parking— at grade on the transitional avenue and initiates a landscape sequence at the roof that turns a prosaic use into an engaging hillside, ringed by existing apartments and the new housing.

Hancock Mixed Use Housing, West Hollywood, CA by Koning Eizenberg ArchitecturePhotograph: © Eric Staudenmaier

Placement of townhouse front doors and common spaces were organized to reinforce a sense of extended community. Architectural expression is rooted in passive sustainable strategies utilizing thin, cross-ventilated, unit plans. Flats facing the boulevard have sliding, Mangaris wood screens which provide exterior shading, minimize heat gain, and allow inhabitants a choice in their level of engagement with the noisy street below. The townhouses have private courtyards, which modulate the scale as the building moves north to merge with the hillside neighborhood behind.

Social and environmental sustainability goals guided design, and were implemented through consideration of cross-ventilation, daylighting, and sustainable materials.

Hancock3_StaudenmaierPhotograph: © Eric Staudenmaier

Project Credits
Architect: Koning Eizenberg Architecture
Owner: CIM Group, LLC
Location: West Hollywood, Calif.


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