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The featured housing block is situated at the edge of a housing development that projects the construction of 650 apartments. After construction, the design was acquired by the Slovenian Housing Fund and will be replicated in other developments.

With a rich interplay of small volumes of different material interlocking throughout the elevations, many people associated them to Tetris game. And so the building got its name.



All photographs © Tomaz Gregoric




The site allowed for a 4 storey rectangular building 58 meters (160 ft) long and 15 meters (45 ft) wide.

Since the orientation of the building points towards the busy highway the apartment and their balconies were shifted by 30 degrees towards the quieter southern orientation.




The architecture of the Tetris Apartment derives from solid form givers. Each apartment has opens itself towards its own balcony while blocking itself from neighboring flats. Since future development will entail other blocks built opposite the current building,  the tilted balconies provide visual shelter to the apartment within the opposite blocks.

The building includes apartments of different sizes ranging from 30m2 studio flats up to 70m2 two-bedroom apartment of. The bigger apartments are developed on the front facades and have nicer views and corner orientation.

tetris_06.jpgThe Tetris Apartments are designed as affordable housing, but indulges in quality finishing material such as wooden oak for the floors, and granite tiled bathrooms. It also provides a generous fenestration to bring the light into the apartment through large windows equipped with external metal blinds.
tetris 1_pos.giftetris_10.jpg

Project Description:

Project: Tetris apartments
Client: Gradis G group, ljubljana
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Program: Social apartments with parking
Built area:    5000m2 (52,000 sqft) No of floors: 4 floors + 2 underground parking

Budget:     650EUR/m2
Selling cost:    1.200EUR/m2
Completion:    September 2007

Project Credits:
Project leaders: Rok Oman, udia MA(AA) and Spela Videcnik, udia MA(AA)
Design team: Martina Lipicer, udia. Nejc Batistic, udia. Andrej Gregoric, cand.arh. Ana Kosi stud. arch.

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