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Thursday, 27 August 2009 11:14


Illuminating an edifice adds a new dimension to its architecture, highlighting the attributes of the space with a broad range of colors and light intensities. A good demonstration of the enhancements of lighting design can bring, is seen in the work of Abhay Wadhwa.

Abhay has served as the lead designer on diverse lighting projects ranging from hospitality, infrastructure and institutions to transportation, residences and museums. As demonstrated in his intervention on Honk Kong's Peak Tower, he utilizes a broad range of techniques to overlay a dynamic layer of lights and colors.

Photography by Marcel Lam

abhay_peak_02Designed by Ronald Lu and Partners, the Peak Tower in Hong Kong stands as a city icon at the top of Victoria Peak and provides shopping, dining and views for tourists and local visitors. Its bold contemporary geometry and unique location called for a dramatic lighting scheme that would attract visitors.
abhay_peak_03AWA developed a lighting design that traces the path of the arriving visitor through the expanse of the building. The visitor is greeted by multicolored washes of light generated by LED "color blasters" at the tram arrival station.
abhay_peak_04Upon arrival in the main atrium, guests look up to view a massive field of 2x2 convex panels, each illuminated by an individual LED lighting strip. Computerized controls are programmed to display sweeps of color, pixilated fields and color blocks and even messages in a dynamic, eye-catching spectacle.
abhay_peak_5abhay_peak_07More info on Abhay Wadhwa and AWA on their web site.

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