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The multifunctional building ASTRA is located in a strategic site: where the two main axis of this Adriatic city meet: Corso Nazario Sauro (east-west) , Via Orsini-Trieste (north-south). This is also the place where the main square is located: Piazza Martiri Fosse Ardeatine. The area is situated on the east side of the square: the project redefines all this border of the square with a strategy that emphasizes both the volumes and the voids.

Vaccarini_Astra-01Vaccarini_Astra-04The building is on the north-east side of this area, signing the border and at the same time leaving completely empty the south space. This area is designed like an expansion of the existing square. The project is also the stage setting for the square area, characterized by the great presence of green and ten-year palm trees.
Vaccarini_Astra-03Vaccarini_Astra-09The project idea is to translate towards the back (east) of the main volume all the vertical distribution leaving the southwest area completely free. Two of the three levels (the first and second) are designed like one volume (residential) that flouts on the ground level (commercial), completely transparent.

The building is characterised by four levels:
_underground level (garages, technical spaces);
_ground floor (commercial);
_first and second floor (residential, with east-west orientation)

This hybrid typology system is organised on the north south axis, within functional bands:
_the horizontal and vertical distribution layer;
_the entrances and collective spaces layer;
_the services layer;
_the overlook layer.
Vaccarini_Astra-08The south-west elevation is based on sliding wood panels alternated with imprinted glass panels.  The sliding panels are composed by an anodized aluminium frame with ash tree wood boards, characterized by an alternating texture of circular holes. The fixed boards are composed by glass sheets printed with green colour. The front is organized on a modular frame that divides the internal spaces of the residences, the metal under structure e the parts that can be opened. It’s a double skin system where the external skin is placed at 80 centimetres from the internal one.

Vaccarini_Astra-10Vaccarini_Astra-12Vaccarini_Astra-13This system draws a front constantly changing and moving, according to the different uses of the single users.  The light is one of the main topics of this project: during the daily hours, the glass elements change their colour shade as the kind of lights and shadows change. During the Night, these elements become a lantern light at the urban scale.

On the east side, the vertical distribution is opened and screened with a great “sail” made of perforated iron plate panels.

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