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The T-Husene is a mixed-use development, for Ørestad, Copenhagen (Denmark) presented by Steven Holl Architects for a direct commission from City Development in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Besides a constructed landscape of 8000 sq. m. T-Husene contains 18,000 sq.m. residential space in 5 towers above 12,500 sq.m. commercial space.

Watercolors are courtesy of Steven Holl

Orestaad_08.jpg A green folded space with multiple elevations on top of the commercial space is sliced open by the insertion of the five rotated dancing towers. With this project Steven Holl Architects sets a new example for residential typologies based on the concept of urban porosity. Leaving behind the standard typology of residential perimeter blocks, the dancing T’s with colored and reflective undersides carve the sky within the green folded space.

Inspired by twilight and the Scandinavian sky, the T-shaped buildings maximize high quality residential floor space with views to the horizon and sunset. Building downwards from the maximum height level, taking into consideration maximum view, each tower will contain 50 apartments in 22 different configurations ranging from 73 sq.m. to 135 sq.m. At the same time, the working environment of the commercial area is improved by the green folded landscape, allowing the nature reserve to flow from the Amager Fælled through Ørestad onto the green square in the east.



Steven Holl says about the design, “We wanted to create a sense of autonomy, individuation, and particularity for each apartment and tower. One of the failures of modern housing comes from the lack of individualization. Concepts should not be based on the mass, but on individuals. We aim for an architecture that is in connection to each human being. Therefore, new typologies need to be created of which the dancing T’s are an example.”

Orestaad_07.jpg T-Husene is part of Ørestad, a new-town located less than ten minutes away from historic Copenhagen by metro, close to Scandinavia’s main airport and connected directly to Malmø in Sweden. To Steven Holl the beauty of Ørestad is formed by the combination between density, the preservation of nature and the fast metro connection with the existing city. He says, “It is a sharp contrast to the American urban sprawl which is characterised by highways and endless seas of houses.”

High quality natural materials and sustainable solutions for future challenges is an integral part of the project which is currently uder construction.



Read the full interview with Steven Holl about the T-Husene Project.

Project description and credits

Orestaad_06.jpg Program: 5 towers of mixed-use (residential and commercial), and landscape

Total Area: 38,500 sq.m. including:
commercial: 12,500 sq.m
residential: 18,000 sq.m.
Landscape 8,000 sq.m

Apartments:Each tower contains 50 apartments in 22 different configurations ranging from 73 sq.m. to 135 sq.m.

Client: City Development, Copenhagen
Design architect: Steven Holl
Project architect: Haiko Cornelissen
Project advisor: Chris McVoy
Project team: Garrick Ambrose, Francesco Bartolozzi, Christiane Deptolla, Julia Radcliffe, Rashid Satti, Elena Rojas

© Material displayed in the Article including models and renderings are coutesy of Steven Holl Architects, Watercolors are coutesy of Steven Holl. No reproduction is allowed without their prior consent.

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