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The project constitutes the new corporate offices for the Damilano Group, located in Cuneo, a city in Piedmont, northern Italy.

The designer wanted to break away from the rigid scheme of industrial architecture prevailing within the surrounding area, by producing a free flowing space rich in curvilinear elements that is highly visible from the outside; “an oasis in which to work in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere”.

Photographs courtesy of Andrea Martiradonna


A generous amount of indoor plants and landscape helps in supporting the emphasis on “organic space”. The luxuriant vegetation is used to visually dissolve the separation between the different offices. They become an integral part of the project contributing to its primary emphasis of the transcending the rigid environment and producing more inspiring workspace.

Within that curvilinear organic organization, the designer used the shape of inverted cones to define particular spaces. Some implemented within the floor plans, other suspended ‘like stalactites’ from the ceiling.

While fulfilling specific purposes within the functionality of the plan, they also play a role in enhancing the spatial experience of the project. The inverted cones represent a state of unstable equilibrium. Adding them in what looks like a random pattern, adds a dynamic dimension to the space.


With its high visibility to the outside, the project seems to be calling on its neighbors to depart from the rigid state of conventional construction.  After all, a dynamic design expresses movement, a precursor to change.

Project credits and details:

Project Name: CONI ROVESCI
Completion year: 2006
Client: Damilano Group s.r.l.

Lot Area:  44,000 m2
Area dedicated to Coni Rovesci Office: 1,000 m2

Architects: Arch. Duilo Damilano + Geom. Corrado Tesio
Collaborator: Arch. Claudia Allinio

3D graphic: Arch. Alberto Pascale

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna


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