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Monday, 24 March 2008 07:22

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This impressive project is located in TianJin, a city perched on the estuary of The Haihe River, and considered as the eastern gate of Beijing in China.

The city, which has a rich history that goes back for several centuries, contemplates the future with high expectations and infinite boundaries.



The client, Sinosteel International Holding Company, wanted the project to embrace and reflect the city’s relation to the past and aspirations towards the future, hoping at the same time to boost its own image as a vigorous and dynamic enterprise.

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The program for this project called for a mixed-use, including  office space, residential appartments, and a hotel.

Inspiration from traditional Chinese architecture has been implemented in a subtle way throughout the design. The hexagonal grid, for example, that helps in the definition of the windows on the external elevations, is inspired from similar grids used on a smaller scale in traditional Chinese houses and gardens.

The Architects and Engineers used advanced technical studies to develop their design. This includes advanced structural design, energy and environmental strategies, construction engineering and material, land engineering, geoanalysis and virtual environments.

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Project data and credits:


Client: SINOSTEEL International Plaza (Tianjin) Ltd
Site Area: 26,666 sqm
Building Area: 350,000 sqm (3,500,000 sqft)
Building Height: 320m
Architects: MAD
Director in charge: Ma Yansong, Qun Dang
Competition Team: Eric Spencer, So Sugita, Zhao Wei, Wang Xingfang, LI Jieran, Lu Lu, Liu Xiaopu


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