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Friday, 30 May 2008 08:31


MulvannyG2 Architecture for designed this 31-story tower as a landmark building for the city of Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China.

It serves as the headquarters for a regional power company the Fujian Provincial Electric and Power Company, and includes a 22-story high communications tower.


All pictures are courtesy of Shen zhong hai




While respecting the urban surroundings, MulvanyG2 designed a highly flexible building that includes efficient, comfortable spacious office space as well as an inviting external public space.

The building hosts the company’s functions that include customer service, administrative offices, dispatching center, mechanical facilities, and an underground garage. 

The office complex has 31 stories above ground and two stories below.  The building’s 22-story high communications tower offers a unique profile, representing a powerful bolt of lightning, a symbolic representation that strengthens the company’s high-tech image. MulvannyG2 Architecture integrated  the  lightning motif into the glass panels by using silkscreen glass or ceramic frit.

The pattern of the ceramic frit is carefully designed in a triangular pattern; when viewed from a distance, hundreds of transparent triangles glisten on the building’s north and south curtain walls. The tips of the curtain shields are made of translucent white glass that glows at night. Stainless steel panels with a mirror finish hold the white glass on the shield.

An aluminum revolving ventilation assembly is used to provide a natural ventilation system. This advanced system allows the achievement of natural ventilation without compromising on the integrity of the design.  The semi-transparent quality of the screening also helps cut glare and eases visual strain for employees working next to the large glass window.
Floor plans provide spacious working areas. Multi-level lounge areas are provided for the employees on every second or third floor. Transparent and translucent materials are used to enhance the feeling of openness. The concept is enhanced further through features like an outdoor observation deck, a large water wall in the lobby, as well as the a judicious interplay of material like clear glass and metal screens throughout the building .  The pre-function space of the main auditorium is formed like a “crystal box.”  The space is flushed with daylight during the day and by night it transforms into a shimmering, bright space.


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