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The project is located in the very elegant Tokyo district of GINZA, within upscale shopping centers, with new flagship stores showing up every month.

NMDA's design for the Ginza PBO centers around the concept of superior elegance, or Super Elegant, as a way to reflect its location.



Elegance is achieved by using simple curving lines, creating surfaces that become almost like a designer fabric.


Spaces flow into each other through this curvilinear fluidity. Wood veneer is used on the ceilings, wall partitions, and counter tops seem welded together and contrast with the rest of the space that was treated with an off-white finish.


The furniture nicely blends in with the rest. With the use of white and off-white fabrics that complements the minimalist simplicity of the design.



Project Description:

Ginza MUFG Private Banking Office

Location: Ginza (Tokyo), Japan   
Program: Bank branch, 2.600 sq.ft.
Client: MTFG , Mitsubishi Trust Financial Group and UFJ Bank, Tetsuya Wada, General Manager, Retail

Budget: $2,500,000
Status: Completed March 2007
Project Team: Neil Denari, Paola Vezzulli

Project Consultants
Brand Development: CIA, The Brand Architect Group
Executive Architect: Amarterrance Satoshi Yamaguchi, Pavillon Meguro 201 1-3-31, Meguro,Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0063, Japan
Photography by: Neil M. Denari
General Contractor: Zenitaka Corporation

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