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Friday, 11 December 2009 08:32

Designed as a new “window” for the city facing the lake: a work of architecture halfway between earth and sky, a design based on the typical natural features of the local landscape: the water of the lake, the wood of the trees, the stone of the Dolomites.
A simple architectural design proposal: a linear, harmonious building with an entirely glazed head and a tail that rises in height to enclose the fly tower of the theater. 

A sinuous body that creates urban spaces in the context, like the square that welcomes visitors arriving from the historical center of the city. The large internal hall of the building opens toward the lake with a large window.

The interior spaces are arranged around two main rooms: the theater, with 600 seats, and the convention hall, which can contain up to 1200 persons. Two distinct volumes clad in wood to set them apart from the other functional elements, and recognizable from the square through the glass skin.
West_elevationSections_rFrom inside the volume, perception of the external environment is modified thanks to the differentiated treatment of the facades: large glass surfaces around the square and towards the lake form a contrast with solid surfaces clad in stone. The design thus generates luminous circulation spaces along with a volume that is organically inserted, in spite of its different typology and autonomous form, inside the existing volume.

PIU_Architecture_congress_02The continuous facade, of variable height, becomes the roof of the building, and is cut by inclined planes, taking on a more fluid three-dimensional form. The result adds a space with a panoramic roof to the square, which can become a place for events. A contemporary style, simple but striking, in tune with the nature that surrounds it and provides its inspiration. A multifunctional building conceived not only for its real use, expositions and conventions, but also for public events to encourage the growth of tourism on the shores of Lake Garda.

A work of architecture in delicate contrast with the surrounding buildings, asserting its own recognizable identity. All conceived to create a new harmony between the old and the new.

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