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Wednesday, 17 June 2009 07:30

There is certain consistency about Ofis Arhitekti. We always get a pleasant surprise when we receive a new project from them. Although the building typology differs from one project to another, there is always a healthy dose of creativity and novelty that gets injected into each project.
ofis_farewell_chapel_tomaz_gregoric_04Which brings me to this latest addition; a farewell chapel is located in a village close to the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana. 
A place that calls for serenity, as friends and families bid their last farewells to their dear departed.

ofis_farewell_chapel_tomaz_gregoric_05ofis_farewell_chapel_tomaz_gregoric_03ofis_farewell_chapel_tomaz_gregoric_03aThe site plot is next to the existing graveyard. The architecture of the Chapel is cut into the rising landscape. 
The shape is following the lines of the landscape trajectories around the graveyard. 
Three curved walls are embracing and dividing the programs. 
External curve is dividing the surrounding hill from Chapel plateau and also reinstates main supporting wall.

ofis_farewell_chapel_tomaz_gregoric_08ofis_farewell_chapel_tomaz_gregoric_07ofis_farewell_chapel_tomaz_gregoric_07aThe use of the curved walls and the landscaped roof, integrates the Chapel into the hill surrounding it. I don’t know if this was intentional, but it reinforces the spiritual vocation of the place.
P_siteplan_level 0
Service spaces such as storage, wardrobe restrooms and kitchenette has been adequately relegated to the back portion of the chapel, along the wall.
 Internal curve is embracing main farewell space. 
It is partly glazed as it is opens up towards an outside plateau for summer gatherings.

ofis_farewell_chapel_tomaz_gregoric_06ofis_farewell_chapel_tomaz_gregoric_06aA roof window in the form of a laying cross is implemented on the rooftop above the main farewell space. Light penetrates through the cross inside the space during the day, and sparks out into the darkness during the night. 


Photographs by Tomaz Gregoric

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