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How to Submit Content on ArchInnovations

Content Submittal

We are always open for interesting content. Readers are therefore invited to submit their work, projects and events for possible publication on ArchInnovations.com. This is a popular platform for their work to get recognized and for event organizers to spread the word about their incoming activities.

You will need to contact us and we will reply with the email address to send your projects. 

For projects, we will need the following items:

- A descriptive text. All information has to be in English.
- 4-8 photographs, low-res but not smaller than 640 pixels wide.
- If you have and wish to include, plans, sections, and elevations. Readers appreciate better projects that include such information.
- A brief profile of the designers or architects for the project, if you wish to send us a link to your web site, we will include it in the article.

- Photographs should be in the Jpeg format. Illustrations can be either in Jpeg or Gif.

- Avoid sending files in the PDF format.

- We will not open compressed (.zip) files.

- We will not publish project that are more than 3 years old.

We retain the right of publishing, or editing the content that is submitted to us.

If you need any further information and clarification, send your questions by email.

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