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Busby Perkins+Will - The Brentwood Station

Busby Perkins+Will - The Brentwood Station


The Millennium Line's flagship location boasts a high-tech aesthetic with user friendly warmth.

Located in Vancouver BC, Canada, Brentwood Town Centre is one of 11 stations on the Millennium Line, the latest extension to Vancouver’s rapid transit system known as SkyTrain. The station has a uniquely prominent location; set 9 metres above the median of Lougheed Highway, its striking double-curved form hovers above the mezzanine level landbridge that crosses the highway and connects the station to the adjacent Lougheed Mall.

All photographs are courtesy of Nic Lehoux

The design of the main station structure incorporates a sleek and dynamic enclosure for the station platform. It was designed and built using a combination of advanced technology and traditional techniques to maximize safety, security and comfort for transit users. Essential elements are open, clear spaces, the use of glass for visibility, and the provision of generous canopies for rain and wind protection. The intention is to encourage use of the transit system, through accessibility and safety. The building incorporates a high-tech look with user-friendly warmth.
The Brentwood Station is elegantly detailed and the simple volume evokes the prestige of 19th century railway stations or newer airport designs, ennobling the transit experience. Structural components of this station are a combination of wood and steel which have been custom designed to provide the elegant curved shape that is efficient and cost effective to build. The striking form of the structure will hopefully convince more commuters to leave their automobile at home.

All photographs are courtesy of Nic Lehoux, no reproduction is allowed without his prior consent.

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