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OFIS arhitekti - Lace Apartments in Nova Gorica, Slovenia

OFIS arhitekti - Lace Apartments in Nova Gorica, Slovenia


The location of the Lace apartment block is in the centre of Nova Gorica (population 32.000) located in the west of Slovenia, adjacent the Slovene – Italian border. It lies 92 meters above sea level. The town has also very specific climate conditions – it is renowned as the hottest town in Slovenia in summer with very strong winds in winter.

© All photographs courtesy of Tomaz Gregoric


OFIS arhitekti designed the Lace Apartments as a 5-storey building positioned on an urban plot on 48 x 16m. The architecture's formal concept reinstates a three-dimensional lace, which embraces the volume of the building. The lace is transformed into functional architectural elements such as projecting roofs, pergolas, dividing walls between apartments, terraces and balconies with loggias.

These design elements are protecting external spaces as well as the interior of the apartments, providing additional privacy to inhabitants.

The combination of façade elements – projecting roofs, pergolas, apartment dividing walls, terraces and balconies with loggias function as constant temperature buffer zone to the main living and sleeping areas and protect against sudden weather changes and strong winds. Additional aluminum shading panels are placed on the outer sides of the winter loggias and balconies.

Project Description and Credits:
Housing Block
Client: Kraski zidar, Sezana, Slovenia

location: Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Area: 1,200m2/floor (13,000 sq.ft) for a total of 10,250m2 (110,000 sq.ft) including parking
No. of floors: 5 floors + 2 underground parking

Construction start june 2006
Construction finish october 2008

Architecture: OFIS arhitekti
Architecture project team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik, Nejc Batistic, Martina Lipicer, Andrej Gregoric, Katja AljazNova_Gorica_03.jpg

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