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Zaha Hadid Architects - Next Gene Architecture Museum in Taipei, Taiwan

Zaha Hadid Architects - Next Gene Architecture Museum in Taipei, Taiwan

taiwan_04.jpg With undeniable talent, Zaha Hadid Architects keep pushing the envelope of architecture, while injecting innovative ideas that make their projects more dynamic and fluid.

A perfect example is this recently designed museum, located in Au-Di, Taipei county, northern part of Taiwan. This dynamic site is situated on the end corner of a steep sloping hill.

The form harmonizes with the surrounding landscape and is embedded into its natural topography. The structural system of the conic walls give a distinct character to the inside of the museum. The interstitial spaces of each conic wall create the fluid circulation system linking all the spaces from exterior landscape to interior museum.

Taiwan_03.jpgThe museum is designed to both facilitate as an exhibition of architectural works and as an architectural object of itself. The perforated patterns on the building skin allow natural light to enter the museum’s interiors according to the movement of the sun.
Taiwan_01.jpgTaiwan_02.jpgThese non uniform apertures are grouped according to the program inside and produce an ever changing and dynamic effect of natural light. The people inside the museum are able to sense the change of time through the changing of natural light. This extends their phenomenal perception of interior to exterior and the natural environment.
Project description and Credits:

Client: De-Nian International Company, Inc.
Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Design: Zaha Hadid with Patrik Schumacher
Project Architect: Wen-Yuan Peng
Project Team: Amenah Benjasem, Rafael Portillo, Shao-wei Huang, Seda Zirek
Consultant: Local Architect Ricky Liu & Associates (Taipei, Taiwan)
Structural Engineer: ARUP (London, UK)
Structural Engineer: King-Le Chang & Associates (Taipei, Taiwan)
M&E Engineer: ARUP (London, UK)
Lighting Design: chroma33 Architectural Lighting Design (Taipei, Taiwan)
Size: 700 sq-m

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