AIA Commends Surface Transportation Authorization Act of 2009 and Urges Quick Passage of Bill Print
Thursday, 25 June 2009 13:30

Last night, a House subcommittee approved the Surface Transportation Authorization Act of 2009. In a statement, Paul T. Mendelsohn, AIA vice president, Government & Community Relations said: “The transportation bill approved by a House subcommittee could not come at a better time. It recognizes what the AIA reported to Congress in its 2008 study, Moving Communities Forward, that well planned and designed transportation projects create more prosperous, sustainable and livable communities. This legislation will create thousands of jobs across the design and construction sector, help reduce the congestion that is choking our communities, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,”
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He continued, “Architects have long known that when you integrate good planning and design into transportation projects and community development, you strengthen both, creating great places that are greener and more vibrant. This bill would make these aspirations a reality. That’s why Congress needs to act now to pass a transportation reform bill; our communities and our economy can’t afford to be stuck in a legislative traffic jam for much longer. We look forward to working with Congress and the Administration to make sure that this bill seizes this opportunity to rebuild and renew our communities and transportation network.”

The AIA has lobbied in support of this bill that has the following benefits:

Important job creation in the design & construction sectors
Communities will have more public transit options – becoming more livable and vital in the process
Reduced traffic congestion
Lower levels of greenhouse gas emissions
Funding for essential infrastructure safety upgrades

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