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2010 WINNERS - Design Exchange Awards in Canada - Urban Design Print E-mail
Friday, 26 November 2010 00:00
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Edited by Lynda Waggoner


Urban Design

Designer: Baird Sampson Neuert architects, Additional Designers
Project: Blackwell Bowick Partnership, EDM Incorporated, Arcturis – Old Post Office Plaza

08_01_Silver-old-post-office-1The winner of an invited architectural competition, Old Post Office Plaza is a key element in co-ordinated public/private initiatives to bring people and vitality back to the centre of St. Louis.

Created by selective demolition of a portion of a block opposite the historic Old Post Office, the Plaza provides a dynamic built and landscape terrain for residents, workers and visitors to enjoy being downtown and to reconnect with the city.

The design incorporates surrounding built features into a dynamic three dimensional stage for public life and gathering inspired by an operatic interpretation of the myth of Daedalus and Icarus. The large figural sculpture, obtained for the project prior to the design competition, entitled the “Torso di Ikaro” by the artist Igor Mitoraj, associates the myth of Daedalus with the Plaza.

The site is organized as a suite of eight urban design elements whose topological relationships and design character engage users with the site, provide complementary conditions of amenity and recall the narrative structure of the myth. The elements of the plaza encourage a varied and continuous urban opera of daily life, and re-interprets the idea of public space for downtown St. Louis.


Designer: Stantec Consulting Ltd. Additional Designers: Durante Kreuk Ltd, Bevanda Architecture Inc, Custom Ice Inc, DNA Irrigation Design, Beacon Consulting Ltd, Ecoscape Environmental Consultants Ltd, Mid-Ocean Studio
Project: Stuart Park, Phase 1

Stuart Park is envisioned to be an all- season civic centerpiece on the waterfront, which showcases the city’s natural beauty and provides an area for community activities and cultural events.
It is a proud BC Spirit Square – a civic celebration of community spirit and a great waterfront place of local history and legacy. At the heart is an exciting enhancement, a venue for events, activity, and public art – a brownfield site, redeveloped as a park to achieve ecological net gain.
The objective of the project was to develop an environmentally sustainable urban downtown waterfront park, which provides continuous, multi-modal public access along the waterfront. Accessibility was an important priority and as such the incorporation of a generous seven metre wide promenade, surrounding streetscape connections, and ramps to public art on promontory deck facilitate accessibility throughout. Sustainability was also considered in such features as the ice rink, which is tied into City Hall – heat generated from ice-making is used to heat City Hall during winter.

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