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Adaptation palettes: Regenerative Landscape Design

by Turenscape (Beijing Turen Design Institute) Turenscape, China


This regenerative landscape design for the huge and densely populated Chinese city of Tianjin is a good example of the reuse of a contaminated derelict urban site with former mixed use. It has been cleaned up with a system of dry and wet ponds and a varity of different plant species and vegetation units, making it possible to control the pH balance and to clean the soil and the water. This regenerative system is designed as a contemporary park-landscape, open to the public, providing sceneries of wilderness and natural vegetation.

The design of the park is not dominated by striking features, but adapted to the natural setting. Wooden platforms and passageways allow access into the park. The spectacular element is not the design, but the intelligent use of waste material to organize a natural cleansing system. The vegetation needs no maintenance. The natural processes are monitored by scientific programmes.

The judges also commended the Maggie´s Centre in London, with landscape design by Dan Pearson studio.This place convinces by the subtle merging of architecture and landscape. The garden fulfills several tasks: it forms the entree to a health institution, it is an inviting element as well as a therapeutical garden, thus combining sensual qualities such as smell and colour. A variety of species shows the change in the seasons, above all through blossom and flowers. The garden screens the building of from the city, forming a haven in the harsh urban context. This projects shows design with plants at its best.



Berry sports hall

by Allen Jack + Cottier

The jury examined a number of very impressive projects in the Sport category, eventually settling on Allen Jack + Cottier’s Berry Sports Hall in Australia as the winner.

This project honed structure in order to be able to direct some of the modest budget towards material innovation. The result is an expressive and creative building that remains nonetheless responsible towards its users and the environment. Several other contenders in this category deserved special commendation, with the submissions from Croatia making a strong impact for delivering striking designs under tight

The ticket booth and its steps give new life to the existing square and statue of Father Duffy, so that they become a usable and vibrant venue in the heart of the big apple.


Production energy and recycling

Bodegas Protos winery


by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners

In the production energy and recycling category, the jury declared the Bodegas Protos winery by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners the winner.

This project handsomely deals with the programme requirements both aesthetically and with regards to the winery’s production needs.

At the same time it makes a strong social link to the nearby town through its sensitive alignment and its modern use of traditional materials, such as the terracotta roof with its glulam

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