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Tuesday, 10 May 2011 10:00

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The Chicago and China offices of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM) announced last week that they were named the winner of an international design competition to expand the Beijing Central Business Dis...

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP (SOM) has been awarded the commission to develop a Master Plan within Danang, Vietnam.  SOM’s preliminary plan for a sustainable residential community at the edge of the city is aspiring for an ecologically sensitive development.

Golden-Hills---DANANG-AERIALThe project site covers an area of 375 hectares along the Cu De River at the northern edge of the City of Danang.  The Plan incorporates a wide range of uses organised into a series of distinct districts, including a series of residential neighbourhoods, a Village Centre, a Business District, and an Education, Sports and Leisure District.

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Located at the mouth of the river, the plan addresses the site’s critical flood risk environment through a series of forward-looking storm water strategies, which preserve existing watercourses and the natural landscape character of the site.  A series of new terraced levels will integrate development into the site and enhance both existing and future landscapes to ensure flood protection during various critical storm events, including 1 in 10-year, 1 in 100-year and 1 in 200-year storms.  In addition to taking into account tidal flooding and sea level rise in the South China Sea, the plan further planning for on-site stormwater management.


The proposed Master Plan is aiming to expand and reinforce the local green character of Danang.  It plans for a new waterfront eco-park, designed to restore, protect and enhance the wildlife habitat along 2.7km of river frontage.  This open space is extended into a wider park network of linear greenways for recreation and stormwater management.  This park system assists in managing flood control, preventing rainwater runoff into surrounding areas, filtering and cleansing grey water and providing a source for irrigating future landscape areas.  These greenways link each neighbourhood directly to the revitalised riverfront.  New public spaces are also provided at the heart of each neighbourhood area, ensuring that residents and workers alike are all within a short 3-minute walk to these shaded outdoor spaces.


Future community will have contrasting areas of lower and higher density residential neighbourhoods.  To the north and integrated within the sensitive riverfront setting, quiet residential neighbourhoods feature meandering lanes and soft-edge waterways open and accessible for all.  Towards the south and connected to the city, residential areas become more urban in density, articulated with landscaped avenues, tight city-like streets and urban greenways.


The plan also provides necessary community amenities to serve a future urban population in excess of 30,000 people.  A complete eco-urban living environment will emerge on site, including a variety of housing types integrated with schools, kindergartens, healthcare clinics, a hospital, sports & leisure areas and other public facilities.  A Village Centre is created at the heart of the community, animated with local shops and cafes surrounding a civic piazza, and establishes a vibrant meeting place for this part of the city.

This is SOM’s third recent project ‘win’ in the country and follows the firm’s recent successes of Green Tech City in Hanoi and FPT City also in Danang.



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