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Wednesday, 14 October 2009 09:02

The young office NORD Architects has won the competition for a new healthcare center for cancer patients.

Nord_APS_Healing_01All images: NORD Architects/MIR

In the future when the citizens of Copenhagen are diagnosed with cancer, they and their families can get help with rehabilitation and support in a new and exceptional building.

The winning design is founded by principles of healing architecture and at the same time it suggests aesthetics which are in contrast with that of a conventional health institution.

The design is an elaboration on the recognizable contour and scale of a house. At the same time the design becomes an iconographic building, as the small individual houses are interconnected by a sculptural roof structure. The building is enriched by the close relation to the surrounding landscape consisting of an inner courtyard, several terraces and themed gardens.
”This is a very meaningful assignment to us and we have given a proposal that expresses and defines itself as a new typology between a house and an institution.” say the two partners of the Copenhagen based, NORD Architects, Johannes Pedersen and Morten Rask Gregersen.

The design will be realised in collaboration with Hellerup Byg, Bravida Danmark, Wessberg Ingeniører and Metopos Landscape.


Healthcare Center for cancer patients
Client: Municipality of Copenhagen
Site: Nørrebro, Copenhagen
Size: app. 1800 m2
Budget: app. 40 mil DKK

The healthcare center for cancer patients is an independent institution where patients with cancer and their families can get counselling and rehabilitation. The client was inspired by the concept of ‘Maggie’s centre’ in Great Britain while developing the competition. The building is run in collaboration with the Danish Cancer Society.

NORD Architects
NORD Architects is a young office based in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, Denmark. The office has existed for 6 years and is run by Johannes Pedersen and Morten Rask Gregersen. NORD Architects work with a wide variety of projects in the fields of architecture, urban planning and urban spaces and have specialized in new types of institutions. NORD Architects has especially been famous for user involvement processes and the development of visions, strategies and innovative designs.

Text courtesy of NORD Architects

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