3XN best in Scandinavia Print
Wednesday, 06 February 2008 02:28

col_03.jpg At a ceremony Tuesday night 6 Feb in Stockholm Danish architects 3XN received the Forum AID prize for "best architecture in Scandinavia 2008"
Out of 67 participating projects in the ’architecture’ category 3XN won the prize for Ørestad College (or ‘Gymnasium’: age 16-19). Other entries included Henning Larsen Architects, PLH, Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Snøhetta.
In its motivation the international jury states that the college "is nothing less than a new paradigm in learning possibilities. Where new schools often just look different, this building is something different. It actually looks like a place where you want to spend time, and that's no small feat for an educational institution. We believe that the youngsters attending Ørestad College will develop a different and positive relationship to both architecture and architects. That is truly a quality worth rewarding."

Archinnovations.com apreciates the work of this talented firm and has featured the Ørestad College back in October. Check it out.

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