AIA to Congress: Act Now to Jump Start Building Sector of Economy Print
Wednesday, 07 October 2009 11:34

Architect testifies about need for polices designed to help small businesses during economic crisis

Tampa-based architect, Mickey Jacob, FAIA, unveiled the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Rebuild & Renew plan for both short- and long-term economic recovery to the House Committee on Small Business at a hearing today.

“Small business does not want a bailout. We want access to loans to bridge the economic downturn to help fund operational costs. We want relief from the premium costs of health insurance. We want incentives for people to build, buy, and renovate their homes and businesses. We want the availability of grants that assist in the acquisition and implementation of new technologies to keep small business competitive in the world wide marketplace. These are investments in the future of the country,” Jacob testified.

The prolonged economic slump is having a far-reaching, adverse impact on the design and construction sector that accounts for roughly ten percent of U.S. Gross Domestic Product. In addition to widespread layoffs and firm closings, architecture firms are having an extremely difficult time securing financing for proposed projects. The AIA Architecture Billings Index – a leading economic indicator of future construction activity – shows no signs of an imminent turnaround.

AIA policy recommendations:
·        Make financing available for design and construction projects
·        Provide tax relief for small businesses
·        Make tax policies work for recovery
·        Rebuild our infrastructure for the 21st century
·        Build the new green economy

Specific details of the AIA Rebuild & Renew plan can be found here.

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