Emcor Group, Inc. Construction Workers Wear Pink Hard Hats In “Call To Action” to “Protect Yourself” through Breast Cancer Screening and Awareness Print
Saturday, 03 October 2009 09:00

Poole_Kent_RibbonEMCOR Group, Inc., a mechanical and electrical construction, energy infrastructure and facilities services for a diverse range of businesses, announced that a number of its subsidiaries coast to coast, as well as its UK subsidiary, are commemorating Breast Cancer Awareness month with its employees wearing Pink Hard Hats in support of the Company’s “Protect Yourself” campaign.

“Challenging the ‘macho’ image of the construction industry, EMCOR employees will come together and wear Pink Hard Hats, showing support for colleagues, friends, family, and clients who could be affected…who are affected…by one of the most common forms of cancer,” said Frank T. MacInnis, Chairman and CEO of EMCOR. “At EMCOR many of our employees wear hard hats on a daily basis for personal protection, and they proudly extend that commitment to wear a Pink Hard Hat during the month of October to raise awareness of the disease that affects so many lives”.

To kick-off EMCOR’s “Call to Action” for Breast Cancer Screening and Awareness, 200 of its Poole & Kent Corp. subsidiary employees in Baltimore, MD were on site in Baltimore at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, widely regarded as one of the finest healthcare facilities in the U.S. and the world. The 200 Poole & Kent employees donned EMCOR’s Pink Hard Hats and organized themselves into the shape of the official breast cancer symbol, the pink ribbon. Poole & Kent’s Assistant Project Manager at The Johns Hopkins project, who is a proud breast cancer survivor, Lauri Yori, was in attendance to tell her inspiring story.

Other EMCOR subsidiaries throughout the D.C. and Baltimore area will also be wearing EMCOR Pink Hard Hats throughout October in support of EMCOR’s “Protect Yourself” campaign: EMCOR Government Services, EMCOR Services Combustioneer, and S.A. Comunale.

The construction and facilities services employees of EMCOR Services New England Mechanical (NEMSI) in Vernon, CT will also wear Pink Hard Hats in a “call to action” of a different sort----164 of its employees and clients will wear Pink Hard Hats during that company’s annual golf tournament, “driving” the message of EMCOR’s “Protect Yourself” campaign to millions of women and men. Proceeds from the Bloomfield, CT tournament on October 3 will benefit the American Cancer Society. Among attendees at the event will be Johan Lavery, Administrative Manager at NEMSI, who proudly tells her story as a breast cancer survivor.

EMCOR’s “Protect Yourself” campaign will also cross the ocean, with EMCOR UK employees at many sites around the UK wearing EMCOR’s Pink Hard Hats. The company will launch with an event today at St. Pancras International, a major railway station in the UK, with hundreds of EMCOR UK workers forming themselves into the shape of the number of people affected by breast cancer – either knowingly or unknowingly – who walk through the station each day. EMCOR UK will donate money for the cause for each Pink Hard Hat worn by an EMCOR UK employee. Participating at that event will be Diane Whyte, a valued member of the EMCOR UK team who has survived breast cancer.

Additional EMCOR subsidiaries----from Dynalectric Company (Oregon) in Portland, OR, to EMCOR Services Team Mechanical in Elmhurst, IL---will be wearing Pink Hard Hats throughout the month of October in support of EMCOR’s “Protect Yourself” campaign.

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