Heller Manus Architects Awarded Two Major China Contracts Print
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 05:52

San Francisco based firm to design large-scale headquarters for China Automotive Technology & Research Center and Guangzhou International Fashion Center for Canudilo

Heller Manus Architects has just announced that has been awarded the contract to design a new headquarters complex for the China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATRC) in Tianjin, China.  With several offices throughout China, this new building complex will serve as the main headquarters for the entire China Automotive Technology & Research Center.

Comparable to the United States’ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATRC) is a standards-setting automotive technology research institute that functions as a liaison between China’s national government and the automotive industry.  Just as the NHTSA is in charge of writing and enforcing safety, theft-resistance, and fuel economy standards for motor vehicles, the CATRC independently assists the government in conducting the formulation of automotive industrial standards and technical regulations, product certification and testing, quality system certification, industry planning and policy study, research and information services.

The CATRC headquarters complex will include a high-tech office building with underground parking, conference center, library, hotel, restaurant and parking garage.  The design will focus on showcasing the features of a modern, state-level research institute, creating a building plan dedicated to advanced technology, green building methods, and functional usage space while bridging the design gap between tradition and modernity.  The headquarters will serve as the core system of the CATRC as it relates to decision-making, management, research, design, development and operation.  With contemporary facilities and personnel expertise, the new CATRC headquarters in Tianjin will establish a leading research office complex in China reflecting up-to-date international standards and a dedication to automotive innovation and industry development.

Heller Manus has also been tapped to design the International Fashion Center in Guangzhou with headquarters for Canudilo, one of the leading high-end men’s clothing and accessories firms and luxury brand retailers in China.  The International Fashion Center and Canudilo headquarters will include substantial office and retail space, gallery for fashion exhibitions, roof garden, and below-grade parking.  With more than 200 retail stores throughout mainland China, the international Canudilo brand has a long history, renowned in the global market for its classic design and quality of luxury offerings.  In addition, Canudilo serves as a first-line agent for many international brands such as Samsonite, Swiss Army Knife, DKNY, and Armani.  The International Fashion Center will pursue an environmentally sustainable design plan with energy-saving and green building methods.

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