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Thursday, 21 August 2008 09:56


MulvannyG2 Architecture recently designed a high-tech business park in Shanghai which was completed this month. Located in a 2.5 million-square-foot ecological green area surrounded by mountains and water, the Park provides an appealing work oasis for a growing number of high-tech businesses in China.

The Shanghai Corporation Business Headquarters Park was constructed by developer Xingyue Investment Group. As one of Shanghai’s largest and most advanced office parks, it is intended to be a magnet for international and local high-tech firms, similar to the Zhangjiang Semiconductor Research Park designed by MulvannyG2 last year, in Shanghai.

“As China strives to change its industrial base from manufacturing to high-tech, business parks provide a natural work environment sought after by local and international firms looking to establish headquarters in Shanghai.” said Ming Zhang, MulvannyG2’s senior partner and design director for the project. “With Shanghai’s crippling traffic, the Park is designed to be a natural oasis allowing business activities, conferences and exchanges to function away from the crowded inner-city.”


Zhang designed several tech campuses in both China and the U.S. Factors which make high-tech business parks successful are desirable locations, community-focused urban design and an efficient transportation system.

A large ecological garden forms the focal point of the Park and highlights the Park’s emphasis on respecting the environment. Office and commercial buildings were added in the project’s second phase. The master plan calls for the connection of existing rivers and streams reminiscent of the water-locked villages, typical of Southern Yangtze region.

The office park’s eight building clusters run from north to south and radiate outwards from the central garden. The Park will provide headquarters to over 100 local and international companies. 

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