Temnodontosaur Glass Sculpture Print
Wednesday, 03 September 2008 08:21

This six-meter (20 ft) tall glass sculpture, located on the roundabout of the intersection between the highway B10/ K 1404 in Eislingen, Germany has just been completed.

The design company Atelier H-2-A had won the 1st price for the competition intitled "In the sea before our times". h-2-a_glass_sculpture.jpg

The city of Eislingen is intending to set up a town's landmark near the place of discovery of the fish saurian, the Temnodontosaurus, which is the ancestor of the dolphin.

The skeleton of the Temnodontosaur is displayed on the interior surface of the glass through a relief. The glass gets its plasticity and spacial impression through the imprint. The outline of ghe glass elements reflect the living appearance of the Temnodontosaur in the past.

The alternation of the lighting during the day creates light-effects on the relief. The variation of the light gives the sculpture a living impression. The lighting at night intensifies the character of glass and the depth effect. By flashing the glass from the interior with light, the form of the sculpture gets emphasised in front of the night sky.

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