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Friday, 04 December 2009 00:00

A selection of projects that we featured in October 2009

And the awards went to...

During the whole month we featured several Awards. First, we reported about the the Winners at the World Architecture Festival that happened in Barcelona and included participants from around the world. In Canada, there were the 2009 Design Exchange Awards, a national design competition is open to professional designers across Canada working in a range of disciplines. In the US, the different branches of the AIA announced the local winners, like the the 2009 AIA Seattle Honor Awards. Finnaly we reported about the winners of the 2010 AIA Gold Medal Award and the 2010 AIA Architecture Firm Award

Featured Projects:

Statoil Hydro Office in Osloa-Lab - Statoil Hydro Office in Oslo, Norway

The design for Statoil regional office building embodies the company core values which are identify as courageous, open, hands-on, and thoughtfulness. As a client-tenant Statoil demand a unique architectural solution, reflecting their status as a world leader within their field. The building is located in Fornebu, the former Oslo Airport. The area is experiencing a surge in development, transforming a the old zone Airport into a new city-wide destination for business....

North Portland Clinic in PortlandMahlum - North Portland Clinic in Portland, Oregon

The North Portland Clinic embraces its urban context, reaching out to underserved populations within its diverse neighborhood. Through massing, transparency and integrated artwork, the clinic visually engages local residents and enhances community identity. It has been a catalyst for revitalization along a public transportation corridor that has recently bisected the neighborhood.

New Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo,Rafael Viñoly Designs New Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, Uruguay

Rafael Viñoly Architects has designed the new Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, Uruguay. This is the firm’s first completed airport and its largest project in Viñoly’s home country. The new terminal will become fully operational on December 9, 2009. The new terminal at Carrasco International Airport, which serves Uruguay’s capital city of Montevideo, was created to expand capacity and spur commercial growth and tourism in the surrounding region.

LAN Architecture - 486 Mina El Hosn in Beirut, LebanonLAN Architecture - 486 Mina El Hosn in Beirut, Lebanon

Designed by LAN Architecture, based in Paris, the ‘mirror-tower’ is a 142m. High-rise located in Beirut, poetically described by the architects as 'The city that wouldn’t disappear'... The tower is absolutely novel in concept: the building’s skin will reflect the city surrounding it. One will be able to see it from everywhere, and everywhere one’s view will bounce off its mobile surface into the surrounding city, showing Beirut in all its myriad facets.

Brussels Meeting Centre A2RC Architects - SQUARE - Brussels Meeting Centre

An architectural proposition to the city offers a newfound visibility to the former “Palais des Congrès” by means of a poetic emblem embodied in the glass cube that forms the principal entry to SQUARE, Brussels Meeting Centre. Its treelike structure and an aesthetic based on transparency and light, irresistibly evokes landscape architecture, takes root in history and projects the « Mont des Arts » into modernity.

EPA Region8 Headquarters in Denver, CO Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects, LLP - EPA Region8 Headquarters in Denver, CO

Located on the corner of Wynkoop and 16th streets in Denver’s Lower Downtown District, the new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Region 8 Headquarters building sits on an urban brownfield that formerly housed a U.S. Postal Annex. Adjacent to Denver’s Union Station, this civic building also sits at the nexus of public transportation for the region, offering EPA employees and visitors alike access to a vast array of light rail, commuter rail and bus lines, as well as regional pedestrian and recreational trails.

Akershus University Hospital C. F. Møller Architects - Akershus University Hospital

The new university hospital is not a traditional institutional construction; it is a friendly, informal place with open, well-structured surroundings which present a welcoming aspect to patients and their families. It has been designed to emphasise security and clarity in experientially rich surroundings, where everyday functions and well-known materials are integrated into the hospital’s structure.The project has received Best International Design by the UK Building Better Healthcare Awards.

Banca dell’Occhio, in Mestre-Venice, ItalyEmilio Ambasz and Associates - Banca dell’Occhio, in Mestre-Venice, Italy

The project is a 5.000 square meters (54,000 sq ft) medical facility that houses multiple functions related to the latest scientific and medical advances in eye transplant and research: a surgical facility, stem cell research laboratories, eye treatment center, administrative offices as well as the EIDON Foundation educational facility, which includes a 450-seat auditorium.

The Pearl Academy of Fashion in Jaipur, IndiaMorphogenesis - The Pearl Academy of Fashion in Jaipur, India

The institute creates interactive spaces for a highly creative student body to work in multifunctional zones which blend the indoors with the outdoors seamlessly. The radical architecture of the institute emerges from a fusion of the rich traditional building knowledge bank and cutting edge contemporary architecture.

City Municipality Ljubljana Ofis Arhitekti - City Municipality Ljubljana

The site is just on the edge of the Ljubljana city centre, by the river and already occupied by some existing protected buildings. As such, the area represents a chance for unique rearrangement with its identity and to become a sort of symbol and landmark area of contemporary Ljubljana architecture. The mixture of public and restricted relations inside the program calls for complex organisation – both inside and outside.

Sport and leisure Center in Saint-CloudHenning Larsen Architects - IT University in Ørestaden, Denmark

The masterplan for the area is based on a north-south-going, linear structure. This basic structure is designed as three strips conveying three different urban themes. The strips are intersected by roads on the transverse axis from Amager Fælledvej. Connections between the buildings lie on the transverse axis perpendicular to the open, landscaped areas.

Green Law School In MichiganEstudio Carme Pinos - Caixaforum in Zaragoza, Spain

While developping their concept for the project, the architects felt the need to overcome two challenges. First, the building had impact its environment. As they expressed it : “capable of making the city”. The project should acheive this through its strong identity as well as newly generated public spaces. Second, building had to integrate within its environment, weaving a visual relationship with the city and the new park from the inside looking out and from the outside peaking in.

Ecological resort in Mero Beach, DominicaBOB361 - VDAB Kantoor Office Building in St-Niklaas, Belgium

Considering the urban anchoring of the site, the angles of this building block are the regulating elements. The VDAB-project anchors itself with the existing context on the corner of the Noordlaan-Drie Koningenstraat, which is in direct relation with various public functions (post, ministry of finances), located near the main road. It is an intuitive meeting point located on a wide footpath. The second angle is the location for a possible extension and is at present, included in the project’s garden..

Ecological resort in Mero Beach, DominicaWMA - Willy Müller Architects - Vitória Bay and Vix Tower in Vitória, Brazil

The Vitória Bay project is intended to help the region to evolve from its current state of inertia and initiate the dynamics that lead to the creation of a new identity and a new reference point for its citizens. The Agenda 21 for Vitória is a city development strategy that foresees major changes in the infrastructure and a reformation of the waterfront.



Arthur Casas - Photographic Studio in Sao PauloArthur Casas - Photographic Studio in Sao Paulo

A small but beautiful interior space by Brazilian Architect Arthur Casas, where the concrete and the steel are left visible to integrate with finishing material like wood and glass. As Casa explains: “In this little project, one can see the explicit inspiration of Sao Paulo architecture from the 1960s and 70s.




Morphosis FLOAT HouseMorphosis FLOAT House for the Make It Right Foundation

Last October, was the public unveiling of the the first floating house for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans. The project was designed and developed by Morphosis Architects, under the direction of renowned architect and UCLA Professor Thom Mayne. The FLOAT House is a new model for flood-safe, affordable and sustainable housing that is designed to float securely with rising water levels.


Unity Building in Liverpool, EnglandAllford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects - Unity Building in Liverpool, England

The Unity building is a mixed use scheme with 15,000m2 of office accommodation, shops and parking plus 161 residential units situated slightly to the North of the Liver Building and enjoys spectacular views of the Mersey and the Wirrel beyond. The building dissociates itself from its urban surrounding, with its non-monolytic form, an unusual treatment of the façades, and the oversized volume that tops the building, and is easily discernable within the cityscape...

Houses (and smaller dwellings)

Yoder/Doornbos ResidenceMichael P. Johnson Design Studios - Yoder/Doornbos Residence

Johnson has been a student of the work of Wright, Goff, Schindler, Mies and other modernist architects for years. In the past, his work directly reflected the design ideology of these masters. However, the residence he designed for Yoder and Doornbos has no immediate references to any of those ghosts, there is no direct imitation. Rather, the spirit of years of ideas has been translated into a building that is purely from the soul of the designer.


The Madrona Residence in Seattle Vandeventer + Carlander Architects - The Madrona Residence in Seattle

The Madrona Residence is the synthesis of site utilization, building technology, and client program. This synthesis results in a contemporary home respectful to its traditional setting while allowing the owners the space, light, and exterior spaces the property affords....

Armon Choros Architektonikis - Chalkidos Street Residence in Larnaca, Cyprus  Armon Choros Architektonikis - Chalkidos Street Residence in Larnaca, Cyprus

The architects organized this introverted residence around an open courtyard, the core of which is inhabited by a body of water, intended as a central element that connects, either physically or visually, the different areas of the house. A peripheral wall that encompasses the residence defines the shape of the project.

Big Dig House in Lexington, MA SsD architecture + urbanism - Big Dig House in Lexington, MA

As a prototype for future salvaging and recycling efforts, the Big Dig House reuses this discarded infrastructure as building components. These materials were not cut or altered in any major way in an effort to prove that infrastructure can be reused ‘as-is’ as well as to keep labor costs at a minimum. The result was a rough framing duration that lasted 3 days as opposed to 3 weeks if standard materials and techniques had been used.

Bates Masi + Architects - Treehouse Bates Masi + Architects - Treehouse

Another neatly crafted little house from Bates Masi + Architects. This 2-level house, referred to by its' Owner as his "tree house", is situated in a dense grove of pines and hollies with a view of the bay from the second level. The approach by a raised wooden walkway arrives at a walled deck and glass entrance. Two guest bedrooms, bath and guest deck are on the first floor with a steel stair leading to the living, dining, kitchen and Master Suite on the second floor.


Studio Giovanni D'Ambrosio - Under the Moonlight House in VictoriaStudio Giovanni D'Ambrosio - Under the Moonlight House in Victoria, Australia

The house is sited within the scenic surroundings, in the Dinner Plain, Victoria overlooking Mount Hotham. It integrates itself to the neighboring landscape, through use of natural material, locally available and that has traditionally been used local construction. The house embraces in its shape the typological archetypes traditionally used by country-men and cowboys that lived in the area. A combination of stone, wood and metal was used both for structure and finish.

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